10 steps to grow your digital agency business

free coaching Aug 18, 2018

Welcome to this video. I'm Tom Koster and today I want to share with you the 10 step system to grow your digital agency business and get more clients.

This is part of the community website that we have, at www.CRN.Business This is the part via my library over here and then it's the Create Revenue Now Basic Program which is all about sales, but also I share the 10 steps to grow your digital agency.

And I want to go over these 10 steps very quickly with you at this moment. As you can see, these are videos, very small videos, and the first one, step one is create a portal website. Second one is talk to regional business owners. Then number three is create an irresistible free offer. Number four is get referrals. Number five is build your audience. Six is make the sale consistently. Number seven is sell your hours for euros. Number eight is manage your clients' expectations.

Number nine is study marketing and sales and number 10 is run your business professionally. Now, these are not 10 random steps. These are exactly the same steps that got me from being in bankruptcy with my companies in the year 2009 to grow my business, rebuild my business, restart my business to an income of 3,000 euros a month in billable hours. So maybe that can be something for you too, these 10 steps. Also, these 10 steps are part of the Create Revenue Now business coaching program that I teach, and if you're interested just let me know and maybe I can help.

That's it for now.

Bye bye.