Don't spend all your marketing money on radio advertising.

free coaching Feb 19, 2018

Hey, it's Tom, and welcome to this video. In my teachings, I teach a five-step process to grow your business, called The Pattern. The first step is infrastructure, second step is marketing, the third step is sales, the fourth step is evaluation, and the fifth step is optimization. In the second step, marketing, that's what I want to talk about with you today.

Two weeks ago, I was in San Francisco for a sales seminar, and there I met a very nice lady and during lunch, we started talking, and it appears that she has a wellness center. She had two wellness centers, and she was not satisfied with the results with her sales and with her marketing. In talking to her, I asked her a question, "Okay, can you tell me how do you spend your marketing dollars at this moment?" And she told me that she only advertised on radio, so I asked her, "Do you use Facebook?" "Yes, I use Facebook." "Do you use Facebook Advertising?" "No, not at this moment," she told me.

I started talking with her and asking her questions about her clientele, and what appeared to be was that she was basically helping consumers. So she's in the business-to-consumer market. She's not in the business-to-business market; she's in the business-to-consumer market. I asked her, "Are you aware that marketing to consumers is different than marketing to businesses or business people?" And she told me, "No, I don't know that." Although, also, business people are also humans and they are motivated by the same driving forces, etcetera. In my practice, in my experience, for years and years, I can honestly tell you that if you do business with consumers, you need a different approach in your marketing, in your sales than if you do business with other businesses.

So business-to-business require other marketing and sales strategies than business-to-consumer. The reason is that if you are in the business-to-consumer market, like this lady is with her wellness centers, once the consumer comes in, then all the other marketing materials can be used. So the basic thing is, just bring people into the wellness center, or to the restaurant, or to the shop, or whatever you have. But in this case, in our example, it's a wellness center.

Now, if you do radio advertising and you advertise for substantial amount of money ... she told me in private what it was, and it was a substantial amount of money each month that she used to advertise ... I think it's a waste of money, right? What I advised her to do is cut half of the advertising for your radio and spend it on Facebook, not only on the ads, but also on the creation of messages. That's what I've been doing with my clients in business-to-consumer. I have a lot of restaurant clients which I do all their marketing. I write their marketing pieces for Facebook, I promote it on Facebook, I see what the results are, and they tell me that their restaurant gets filled with guests based on the actions that we both take, right?

So for this nice lady from San Francisco with her wellness centers, I advised her exactly to do the same thing. So keep the total budget as it is, cut half of the budget from the radio advertising, and spend it ... invest it ... in someone who can do the message on Facebook and someone who can do the promotion on Facebook. In me talking to her, she also shared with me that she had hundreds of "likes" already on her Facebook page, so that makes it even easier for people to contact. So once we have a good message crafted, then we will promote it to all the people who "liked" her Facebook page and their friends. And we spent $50 for a week, and the minimum is one euro per day, one dollar per day, that Facebook requires.

When we start doing that, then we do what we call "direct response marketing," and every marketing dollar ... every marketing euro ... can be justified, and the reason is that Facebook will show exactly how many people saw the ad, and how many people interacted with the ad.

With this, I want to end this information session today. The session for advice on advertising on Facebook.

Remember, Facebook is a medium and medium is part of the marketing and marketing is part of The Pattern. If you want more information, I invite you to take a look at my website at There I have some more information for you.

With this, I end this session for now.