If you don't ask, you don't get.

Nov 22, 2017


Welcome to this episode. Today's episode is all about asking. If you don't ask you don't get. Meaning, if you don't ask for business you will probably get no business, or very little business. If you start asking for business, then the probably that you'll get business is getting much more higher.

In reality it means ask people who they know who you can help with your service. In our case, our service is digital marketing, our service is IT and our service is web. In growing your business you need the same clients who come back to you over and over again, and/or you need new clients. If you don't ask for these clients they will not come to you all by themselves.

Who do you ask to be a client? Who do you ask for business? Well, you can start by asking your current clients to give you more business. They will not give you just business by you asking for it, but you have to asking in such a way that your clients will see added value in you helping them with growing their business. The same goes if you want new clients. You can go out and network and you can do advertising and you can visit people using cold calls or first making a phone appointment or having a connection through social media, like LinkedIn. Then people might give you the opportunity to call them or to visit them, and that gives you the opportunity to ask for business.

If you don't have any business right now and if you don't have enough money right now, then you probably have a lot of time. With a lot of time on your hand you have a lot of opportunity to go out and visit current clients and new clients and offer them something of value. And if that doesn't work, offer to do it for free. In exchange what you can do for them that will bring you money.

Now a little story, when I just got out of the crisis from 2009, when all my businesses went bankrupt, I had to rebuild my business and I had zero clients. I just started asking people, "Can you help me rebuild my business? Can you become my client?" I did it by offering something for free first. So I asked them if I was able to create a free video and do a free article on my website and on my Facebook. I did it by having a list of people contacted by my intern student way back then, sending them an email and offer my services.

Most of the people don't responded to that, but some did and from there I got my first invitations to come in to do my thing, to help them for free, and show them that I can be of value to them. When I came in I did not come in as a salesperson, I came in as a trusted advisor, as someone who was really there to help them. Since I'm there already, I had the opportunity to talk to the clients and ask questions and offer other services.

From there my new business started to grow. Now, if I didn't ask the question in the first place, if I didn't offer my services free in the first place, I would never ever have been able to go into this business and get work out of the business. The reality is this, the reality is that most people are not waiting for someone like me to come in and offer my services, so most people rejected me. That's no problem.

But the persons who did allow me to come in, I was able to connect with them. Reality is most of these people also didn't want my services and they rejected me, which is no problem. But a certain part of the people hired me to do other paid work. That's all I'm after. I'm after these specific clients who offer me the possibility to do paid work.

From there, from 2009 and on, and now it's 2017 so for more than 8 years that was the way by asking people to get in and to get assignments. Assignments for websites, assignments for video marketing, assignments for IT projects. That brought me the money I needed to build a business and to bring money to my family. It starts by asking. If you don't ask, you don't get.

It's not only the business that you should ask for. You should also ask for the money for your services. You see, if you don't ask for the money of your services and if you do no think that your services are worth money, then no one else will. It starts with you. It starts with me. If I'm not convinced that I add enormous value to my clients, which I'm already long, long, long years ago I'm convinced about, and my clients show me that I bring them a lot of guests and bring them a lot of patients and bring them a lot of clients. That's good for my client's business because they make more money, from their money they pay me.

If I go in deep with a client, at first they need to invest but quite soon I make more money for my clients than they pay me. It may be the same with you and your business. But if I'm not asking for money to get paid, my client either doesn't want to pay at all, or pays less money, not enough money, too little money. The same goes with you, if you don't ask to get paid, if you don't ask to get paid the right sum of money that you think you're worth, then it will not happen, or it will not happen enough.

A third thing you need to ask for is you need to ask to get paid on time. On time, at exactly the time that you agree on with your clients. Now with most of clients, especially new clients, I think it's important first to show value and not to bill them too soon. But once I show them value and that I see that they appreciate what I do, then I start billing them slowly. But I always bill them the amount of hours that I spent realistically for the hourly rate that we agreed upon.

Now about the hourly rate, just to finish this episode, I have three rates. One rate is for technical work, another rate is for sales work and another rate is for business work, for business development work. Now the third rate, for business development, is for people who are in my coaching program, in my Create Revenue Now coaching program, where I teach other small business entrepreneurs in Europe and in Northern America how they can get clients in their local region. They help their clients in their local region in Europe and in north America with digital marketing, with IT and with websites. That's my higher rate.

Now my middle rate is for sales. Meaning I help small and medium size companies in my own region with increasing their sales. The third rate, the lowest rate is for technical work. A lot of the technical work I now delegate to one or two members of my team. But when I first started out I did it all by myself. Now I'm in a phase that I'm scaling up my business a little bit and I'm delegating more and more of the technical work to my team.

To sum it all up, ask for business, ask to get paid and ask to get paid on time, because you deserve it.

With this I end this session. I'm dedicated to increasing your income. Have a great day. Bye for now.