No https website = no safe website

free coaching Feb 14, 2018

Hey, it's Tom. Today we are going to talk about infrastructure, and basically your websites. More specifically, HTTPS.

I recently read that Google Chrome browser is about to make some changes in the way they display non-HTTPS websites. An HTTPS website is a so called secure website. People with HTTPS websites have invested in an SSL certificate. That's very important, because that gives certainty that the website is safe for people who visit the website.

Now, not all websites have HTTPS, and maybe that's the case for your website too. My advice is that you check your website in order to see if you already have an HTTPS certificate, and if not, then I advise you to go to your internet person, to your web guy or girl and talk about HTTPS to be added to your website.

It's not only for you and for your visitors, but also for Google. Within a few months Google Chrome is about to tell the visitors that non-HTTPS websites are not secure anymore.

If you only have HTTP and you do not have HTTPS, then Google will show the visitors who search on the Google Chrome browser using Google, and maybe they see your website, and Google will tell them that your website is not safe. If you do not have HTTPS within a couple of months, then you might lose out on a lot of traffic to your website.

That's it for now. Have a great day.

Bye for now.