Opportunity might be just behind the next door

Nov 17, 2017

Welcome to this episode. I'm Tom Koster and this is the Create Revenue Now Podcast. In this episode, we are going to talk about opportunity, and opportunity might just be around the next corner. Why this topic? This morning, I was talking to a prospective client. It turns out to be a prospective client although I didn't know that when we started the conversation. The fact is that I'm a volunteer at our local sports club, and I'm in one of the commissions who's doing the sponsoring.

I was talking with one company who is sponsoring a youth team. The person I'm talking to is a mother of one of the players. It also turns out that she's in the board of the company who's doing the sponsoring. In talking about business, I asked her how business was, and she asked me the question, "Tom what do you do?" That was an opportunity for me to share what I do and why I do it. We end up talking a little bit, and I was able to ask her a couple of questions about her business. I think I may be able, I'm sure I'm able to help them with their marketing and their sales. That's opportunity.

Opportunity is something that can show up when you least expect it. Opportunity is also something that you can chase, but it's much better if opportunity is chasing you, and if opportunity is coming on your natural path. The way to do it, because there's a formula for that, although it doesn't seem like that. A lot of people who are sales trainers and marketing trainers, they just tell you to work hard and give it your all, and go out and meet people, and talk to people. That's also the message that I share.

I also share another message, and that's the message about attracting opportunity. Attracting opportunity starts with your mindset. If your mindset is focused on helping other people, and if your mindset is focused on abundance. If your mindset is focused on helping people with whatever you do, in my case it's marketing. It's sales, and it's into that marketing social media websites, then when I pay attention, opportunity is everywhere. It's not about me, it's about you.

The message I have for you today is look for opportunities. Focus on opportunities. Have your mindset open to opportunities. A negative mindset maybe that there's no opportunity, and no one's waiting for me to call on them or prospect them. That's not a positive attitude. That's a negative attitude. The positive attitude of a sales champion is that opportunities are everywhere. The mindset of a sales champion is also that you add value to your clients. That's what I'm convinced of. That what I do, I add much more value to my clients than anyone else can. I'm convicted in that in full.

My deepest feelings, I know that I'm the best solution for my clients and you may be the same thing too for your clients. Maybe not now, but you can work on that to be that for your clients. When opportunity shows up, you know what to say, how to say it, and what questions to ask, and that requires training. It doesn't come naturally. You can train on that because you can learn how to sell. You can learn how to do marketing. In my view, sales is a learned skill; and in my view, marketing is a learned skill.

In doing business, we all have to deal with negativities, with setbacks. We think it's going to be this way, and then something interrupted and it's not going to happen; or you expect someone to pay you on time and they don't pay you on time; or you make an appointment with someone to do some work, and then the appointment gets canceled or gets postponed. That might bring you down, but it's no problem if you have enough deal flow going on. If you let it negatively impact you, it will impact you over, and over, and over again. On the bottom line, it will not increase your net profits.

If your mindset is on abundance, then you have a lot of deal flow going on, and you have people basically on a waiting list, waiting for you to help them. That's a whole other situation. Opportunity might just be around the next corner if you're open to it, and if you want to see it. With this, I end the information session for this week. Have a great week, bye for now.