YCDBSOYA - You Can't Do Business Sitting On Your Ass

Nov 30, 2017

Welcome to this episode. I'm Tom Koster and today we're going to talk about the letters Y, C, D, B, S, O, Y, A. What do these letters mean? I'll explain to you a little bit later, but it's all about doing business, and I have this triangle of doing business which says work in your business, work on your business and talk to people. The challenge for us entrepreneurs in digital marketing in IT and in web is we spend a lot of time behind a screen. Basically, it's a screen from your mobile device or your tablet, your PC or your laptop, and once we are back behind the screen and doing our work, the temptation is to look to social media, to respond to emails and before you know it, the day is gone or half the day is gone. We make money from our billable hours. And when we critically look at how we spend our time, then we may find out that we do not spend enough time doing things which are billable. The letters that I just mentioned when we started this information session, they mean you cannot do business sitting on your ass.

The letters Y, C, D, B, S, O, Y, A, meaning you cannot do business sitting on your ass. You need to get up. You need to get moving. You need to talk to people. You need to go out into the community, meet people, meet clients, talk to them, ask for their business, see where you can help, and focus on the things that have value to your clients. And when you do that, when you add value to your clients, then it's much more likely that you get the ability to do paid work. The best thing of course is to do only paid work, but once you are struggling and once you need more clients, then you get up from behind your screen, you go out and you meet people. You go to networking events. You make calls to make appointments. You run appointments. You do presentations and you ask for business.

But you cannot do it just from behind your screen. You need to get up. You need to meet real people. So people know, like, and trust you and the energy when you meet people live is a different energy when you're just behind your screen. And the energy in doing that, in getting to meet people for a lot of people like us, it's a hurdle, right? So we feel comfortable behind our screen. We feel comfortable behind our emails. But the truth is when you really want to kick butt it's very difficult just do it only behind your screen. It's much more easy when you get up, when you make appointments with people, when you go out and see how you may be of help to them, either with digital marketing or with IT or with web, and my experience is when I go out and when I meet people, always business comes from that. And when I'm just behind my screen, just in my email, just in my social media, it's very, very difficult to do business.

But the email and the social media are ways to get appointments with people, to meet these people, right? Either through a telephone call or a face to face meeting and from there you find out what they really want, and you find it out by just talking to them and asking them probing questions, and you can ask them probing questions about their digital marketing, about IT, about their websites and before you meet them, take a look at their website. Take a look at their social media and see what can be improved, and ask them just to be of help to them. Just ask them if they allow you to help them, and that can both be with new prospects, new clients or with existing ones. Now, with existing ones you may go there and not only offer your services and do the work but also send the bill, right? Because a lot of your clients don't have time to think about you and what you do for them, so you be of much more service when you go out and proactively meet with them and proactively see what you can do for them, and if you add value then it's very justified that you send them an invoice after that.

With this, I end this information session for this week and remember, you cannot do business sitting on your ass. My name is Tom Koster and I'm dedicated to helping you increasing your income. Bye for now.