Prepare your business for GDPR

Nov 21, 2017

Welcome to this episode. I'm Tom Koster, and today we're going to talk about an important topic, which is email and the new law. The GDPR law, which is about to take effect in May 2018, and which will affect all companies with mailing lists who are doing business Europe. As you maybe can hear, I'm a little bit talking through my nose. I've got a cold and I'm recovering from a little bit of illness. I'm fine, so no problem, but that's the reason why I sound maybe a little bit different than I usually do.

The GDPR law is a law, European law, which prohibits it that marketers send commercial email, marketing email, sales emails to people who have not requested it, and not only that. You can not send email to people who have not requested it based on the compliance of the GDPR law and the compliance needs to be send in via a specific web form. So people have to, so called double opt in, and they have to mark a specific point on the opt in form that they request marketing email, and it should also say that the email is GDPR compliant.

As you may hear, I'm giving a lot of thought to what I'm saying because it's important that you understand what it means. In the notes of this session, I have a couple of links for you, so you can read for yourself what it means for you and your business, and the impact is huge. Probably it means also for your business the same as for my business and for all of my clients' businesses. That means that I have to go back to all of my clients and prospects of my mailing lists, and request them to opt in again via the new rules just to be compliant.

If I don't do it, that can mean that the European Commission can give me a fine from up to 20 million Euros or 4% of the gross sale of the company, if it's more than 20 million Euros. I'm a small guy, with a small list, and of course the 20 million is not relevant for me, but more for the basic spammers and bigger companies who should also comply to all these rules.

But we, as medium sized businesses also need to comply to these rules. If you help small and medium sized companies with their marketing, then it's in my opinion, your job to inform your clients about this. The same thing as I feel it's my job to inform you about this.

When I record this episode, it's November 19, and the new law is only to be taken effect late May, 2018. So, we have time. When you look around the big email providers like MailChimp, they are also preparing for the GDPR, and they haven't figured it out for themselves yet. So there will be a lot of information coming in the next few weeks and months.

But nevertheless, also companies like MailChimp advise me and you to prepare and to start now. The best way to start now is to have a strategy of what to do. And to start communicating with your clients and with your prospects what's going to happen. After May 2018, everyone with a mailing list may only communicate with people on that list, with European consumers on that list, if they have specifically given permission based on the compliance of the GDPR law.

So, this episode is all about preparing you for the GDPR. So be prepared, start reading, start studying, start helping your clients with their business and to be GDPR compliant, and start it also for your own business.

With this, I end this episode.

Have a great week, and I'm dedicated to helping you increasing your income.

Bye for now.