Should you delete your Facebook business page and your personal profile?

free coaching Mar 28, 2018

Welcome to this information session, I'm Tom Koster, and today we're going to talk about a topic which is very active in the media at this moment, and that's the Facebook security topic. 

And if we take a look at what's going on in the news media, then there's a lot of attention about privacy in Facebook. And a few days ago I read that Mr. Elon Musk deleted the Facebook pages of Tesla and SpaceX. And there's a lot of stir in the media whether business people and private people should delete their Facebook profile. 

And I have been thinking about that a lot, whether or not I should delete my Facebook information, and I've decided not to do it. And in this short information session I'm going to explain why I don't.

And the reason why I do not delete my Facebook and my Facebook pages and my Facebook profile is the reason that I basically use Facebook as a medium to communicate with my clients and with my prospects. And also I'm using it for my clients purposes, marketing purposes, to communicate to their customers, and to their prospects. 

And I know that Facebook has a way of accessing my data in my address book, and just recently I also noticed in the media that they have found out that on Android phones that Facebook was also able to register and download the information from Android users with certain Facebook Apps and Messenger Apps, about their incoming and outgoing phone calls, and even text messages. And I have to admit it's quite scary, it is, but the question is should I delete my Facebook, and my Facebook pages, and my Messenger? And for me the answer absolutely no.

Number one, I have nothing to hide. Number two, I can request Facebook to delete my data, and I believe that they will do it. But the most important reason is that I see Facebook as a medium, as a medium to communicate with other people. And these are private people of course, family members, friends, business associates. But I also have to admit that I don't post a lot on Facebook. 

But I use Facebook to access the information for my business and for my clients business's. And just this morning I asked my daughter about the information and about the scandal on Facebook, and my daughter is almost 19 years old, very bright girl, and she didn't even know what was going on. And she told me "Dad, I don't read the newspapers, I don't follow the news on TV. I follow the news via social media." 

So she follows the news through Facebook and other social media, but not through TV, not through the newspapers. And the TV and the newspapers mainly write about the scandal of Facebook. And also social media do, I know, I know, but me, I'm 51, I don't read the newspapers either, but I take my information via the radio, via the television, and via certain websites.

In the Netherlands it's, and, and I look at news on, and I also look at a service we have in the Netherlands called Teletext.

Furthermore, I see the news on TV, and basically those are the news sources. And of course I'm on Facebook and I'm on LinkedIn, and I see what's going on there.

But someone who's almost 19 years old doesn't watch the news on TV, doesn't read newspapers. There's a lot of young people who are not as much concerned with the privacy as many older people are, is my suggestion.

So, with the view of using Facebook for business, I have decided not to delete my Facebook pages, and I've decided to advise my clients to do the same thing, not to delete their Facebook profile, and not to delete their Facebook pages. And when I do look at my clients, and my clients are business people, they don't share a lot of private information on social media. And they use the Facebook pages mainly to promote their business.

So, with a viewpoint of Facebook using as a medium for business, it's still very cheap to advertise on Facebook to the followers that your Facebook page has, and the friends or the followers that your Facebook page has. It's very, very, very cheap, and it can be very cost effective, and very lucrative if you do it the right way.

And at this moment I do not see a reason to advise my clients to delete their Facebook pages, and to delete their Facebook account altogether. Now Mr. Elon Musk did delete the Facebook page of SpaceX, and he delete Facebook page of Tesla. And in my opinion, he has a reason to do so, and maybe it's political pressure, but what also may be true is that Mr. Musk, with a couple of other people, are working on the next Facebook. 

So Facebook is not the end all be all solution, there will be another medium, and another medium, and another medium. So I'm sure that with all this turmoil going on, and the troubles going on with privacy, that there's a gap in the market at this moment to develop the next social media, which will not be called social media but another thing in my opinion. And that Mr. Musk is also involved in that, with a couple of investors.

But I may be wrong, in a couple of years we'll see how it works out. And with this I end the information of this week, have a great week, and talk to you later.

Bye for now.