Take time for reflexion

free coaching Jul 12, 2018

Welcome to this video, I'm Tom Koster and today we're going to talk a little bit about reflection. With reflection, I mean looking back at what you are doing. I'm currently in a hotel room in Amsterdam at the Schiphol airport at the Ibis Hotel. This is a place where I come to a couple of times a year, just to reflect. For me, this is a great way to step out of my comfort zone, out of my office, out of my home, just to reflect on what's been going on.

It's important for me as an entrepreneur, it might be the same for you as an entrepreneur to take time off and reflect and see what you are doing. Now in these kinds of sessions, I look back from the past couple of months and I'm asking myself a couple of questions. Number one is have I achieved the goals that I set out to achieve? Question number two, what went right? And question number three, what went wrong and can do better. What can I do better in the future to reach my goals faster or reach my goals at all and what has gone well with a very positive view on what's been going well and what can improve.

Since I work mostly from my home office and also with clients, what I notice is that it's hardly impossible for me to reflect when I'm at home and when I am working in my business. And this reflection thing is more of working on the business. And that's what I'm teaching. I'm teaching three steps. Working in your business. Working on your business. And, talking to people. The working on your business part is the reflection part. With this, I end information for this week. I haven't been posting my blog for a couple of months. Now it's July and the last one was from March and that's one of my reflection points and my intention is to keep blogging over again and start all over again with the blogging thing because that's a way for me to communicate with the people who are interested in following me and with the people who are interested in getting their business to the next level.

Getting your business to the next level is not a straight line. Getting your business to the next level is more like this. And from there you grow, step by step by step. Also for me, my intention was to have a blog every single week but I have to tell myself that I didn't do it in April, I didn't do it May, I didn't do it in June and now it's mid-July and I'm starting over again. And that's fine, you know, you can always start back all over again. You can do it, I can do it as long as we keep focus on what we are doing and why we are doing it. So I hope this has some content for you and that I'm adding some value to you.

Have a great week and talk to you next week.

Bye for now.