The lies about a high quality website

Nov 06, 2017

Welcome to this episode, and today we are going to talk about the lies about a high quality website. The reason why I want to talk to you about that is the fact that I’ve been working in the internet industry, in the website business for quite a while. I started my business in 1994. Since 1996, I’m online. Since 1999, I’m selling websites.

I’ve seen a lot of competitors, colleague, companies coming up and going down. One of these colleague competitor companies was in my direct neighborhood. They sold expensive, very high quality websites. One of the business owner was a sales guy and the other one was a technical person. The sales guy left the company a couple years back and started his own company, and the technical guy remained in business.

Two lessons for you today. Number one is if you want to sustain a long term business with selling websites, internet marketing social media, you need to do the technical work for your clients. That’s number one. If you do not do the technical work for your clients, if you only sell, then your clients will leave you. If you also do the technical work, so you maintain their website, you solve their problems, you do their hosting, the domain name for them, you do the technical work combined with copywriting, with marketing work, it’s much more likely that the client will stay with you.

As a business owner, it’s important that you know technical aspects. Although you may not like it, you need to know just a little bit more than your clients do and have a team of one or more people with higher level technical skills who can do it for you. That’s what I’ve been doing since the late 90s and that’s what I’ve been doing up until now.

I have a small team of technical people who do the technical work that I do not want to do or cannot do by choice. I maintain contact with the client and know just a little bit more about techniques that my client knows. That’s one point.

The other more important point is the lies about a high quality website, because that salesperson that left the web company started his own company. He’s been selling these high quality, very expensive websites to medium-sized companies and businesses to higher sized companies and businesses and institutions but also to small and medium-sized businesses. He was asking a premium price, thousands and thousands of Euros. Also for the small mom-and-pop companies or the small business owner with no employees.

What he said to these people was that it’s very, very important to have a high quality website because people will be attracted to your website and you will sell more and blah-blah-blah-blah. Now, if I look at his website that he has now, at this moment, it’s nothing compared to what he was selling. This sales guy has his own company selling websites and also other kinds of stuff, but if I look at his website now, he’s very incongruent with what he was selling before.

Meaning, that he has no flashy website. The reason it is he might have been in debt. It’s too expensive for himself. He knows that he can only sell and he cannot do the technical things. He needs to hire developers and designers and programmers to build his luxury, high, very glossy website that he was selling before to other companies and he was basically scamming them in my opinion.

Now, he has to do it for himself. He has to pay the money himself and his website is a very easy, simple website. That’s what I mean with a lie of high quality websites, because you do not need a high, quality, very expensive website to produce results. A website is only part of your marketing communication. A website is only the, what I call, infrastructure.

It’s better to have an easy website for a decent amount of money that functions very well, that looks nice but not that flashy. Then to spend a lot of money building a high quality website or have that built for you. It’s better to separate that money, part of the money of your website and part of the money for the marketing of your business, and part of the money going into the sales.

It’s more effective for you as a business owner listening to this podcast, listening to this information, to have an easy, low-cost website that looks nice, that looks decent with no mistakes in it, but a nice website. You can have a nice website for a couple hundred Euros, but not thousands of Euros. It doesn’t need to be.

You spend some money advertising your company. Doing some social media. Buying some ads on Google. Buying some ads on Facebook and make contact with your potential buyers. Then it is to have only a high quality website because that was what the guy was selling when he was working for this high quality agency.

With this, I end this information session for this week. Have a great week.

Talk to you next week and bye for now.