Time management for our kind of people.

free coaching Mar 05, 2018

Welcome to this week's video. I'm Tom Koster and today we are going to talk about time management for our kind of people. Our kind of people, we are people who work in digital marketing, in web and in IT. What we do is we help end user customers, which are small business owners with their marketing, with their websites, and with small IT projects.

Time management for our kind of people is something else than time management for other entrepreneurs or for people who work for other people. The way I advise people in our industry to do time management is to work in blocks of uninterrupted time. You see, when I'm with a client, and my client is asking me questions then my client deserve my undivided attention. It's not respectful for me to my clients that I get interrupted by phone on every occasion that someone else thinks he or she needs me.

That's what I also share with my clients. I share that whenever I'm with you, you get my undivided attention. Most of the time my phone is on silent mode and very oftentimes my phone is on flight mode. Basically it's on hold, and I'm not able to receive incoming phone calls or WhatsApp messages or iMessages or whatever on my phone because my time is dedicated for the client I'm with at that moment.

And the same goes for work in my office. I'm in my office right now, as you can see, and today is Monday afternoon and I've been working on a lot of important things for my business, but also for my clients in uninterrupted periods of time. Meaning that at this moment, I have my phone on hold. I have it on flight mode so I cannot be disturbed. And for most of the day, that was the case.

The same goes for email. I didn't look at email every couple of minutes. No, I looked at the email very early in the morning. Today I got up at 6 AM and I looked at the emails which I got from last evening. Also, I checked my email today at noon and I'm going to check my email later on just before the day ends for most people.

My advise time management-wise for you is also to work in uninterrupted blocks of time. That's better for your own productivity and your billable hours and it's also very respectful to your clients.

With this, I end the information session of this week. Have a great week, and I'm dedicated to increasing your income.

Talk to you again next time.

Bye for now.