Who am I and why should you pay attention to me

Oct 29, 2017


Thank you for stopping by and read this information about successful sales and marketing strategies for you and your business. You are going to love the information you will receive.

Allow me to share with you a little bit about myself. Let me state clearly that it is not about me, but about adding value to you and your business. But it is not unwise that you know a couple of things about me first. So let's get started.

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Now let's move on with the information.

For than 17 years I've been figuring out sales and marketing strategies for an incredibly diverse list of businesses, products and services including restaurant, technical services, second hand store, physiotherapy, toys and professional services. 

The list is a lot longer, and I've had a lot more victories than I have had defeats.

From all of this experience I've learned and developed both some fundamental concepts and specific techniques that are transferable from one business to another, and successfully promote just about any product, service or company. 

The purpose of this email series is to transfer that knowledge and experience to you.

Whenever we talk about effective sales and marketing, we have to also talk about goals. Most people, foolishly play blind archery. Archery is tough enough. Why make it more difficult? 

The first step in the sales and marketing process is to clarify what you want to accomplish. Many businesses ultimately fail because their sales and marketing objectives are too shallow. 

In other words, if your only objective is a certain level of sales volume and income, you're building your business on shifting sand rather than a solid foundation.

Actually, selling a lot of products and services is not that difficult if that's all you want to do. 

It starts to get difficult when you begin intergrade that objective with your other objectives. Like a certain amount of profit, a certain level of quality in products or services, positive 
and lasting customer or client relationships to name a few.

One business owner I know made this statement: “I was able to build a multimillion Euro company from scratch in only a few short years”. "Making millions of Euro’s was the easiest thing I ever did. Believing it could happen to me was the hard part and took me decades."

Let me share with you how I see this. There are two lessons in that statement, one more obvious than the other. 

The obvious point is that making a lot of money is more dependent on your beliefs than on any other factor, and I agree with that. 

But there's also a hidden lesson. This person did build a multimillion company in just a few short years and made a lot of money for himself that same time period. What is also true is the fact that he also lost it all and more, even quicker and was still years and years later, working his way through leftover, lingering legal problems. In 2015 he died, not having solved his legal problems.


He had too few interlocking objectives governing his sales strategies. His only clear objectives were to achieve high financial goals and build a large national organization. 

Those objectives alone are relatively easy to achieve, especially if you do not connect them with other governing objectives like sustaining lasting relationships with satisfied customers, preventing lawsuits and legal problems, achieving certain repeatable earnings levels, and so on. 

So, ideally, this lesson is to carefully construct an integrated structure of goals, objectives and values for your business to direct your sales and marketing efforts.

Dedicated to increasing your income.

Tom Koster
The Netherlands