Digital Concierge - Bill & Larry's GROUP


This stands for the way our clients get support in growing their business.

You see, when you want to grow your business you need new clients. The clients come to you via your commercial infrastructure. This is your website and social media, just to name a few.

To build the infrastructure, technical knowledge is needed, as well as marketing knowlegde. That is where we come in.

Now we come to the explanation of names Bill and Larry's.

"Bill" is inspired by one of the co-fouders of Microsoft, Bill Gates. "Larry" is inspired by one of the co-founders of Google, Larry Page.

Your business needs both technical and commercial infrastructure. Bill (Microsoft) stands for the technical part. Larry (Google) stands for the commercial part.

That is where we can come and do it for you. We build your website and make sure your message get to be marketed to the right market. Not only via Google, but also via other (social) media. If you want to, we can also help you with your small business IT.



Purpose statement:
Help our clients to grow their business by connecting their company to their customers, through friendly, reliable, and high value services for digital marketing, social media IT and web, based on industry standards.

Vision statement:
To become a reputable and profitable regional company supporting clients with digital marketing, social media, IT and web services.

Values statement:
Live the Digital Concierge - Bill & Larry's Way: Warrior spirit, servant’s heart, happy-attitude, high ethics. Work the Digital Concierge Bill & Larry's Way: Safety and reliability, friendly and fast customer service, high value.

Misson statement:
The mission of Digital Concierge - Bill & Larry's GROUP is dedication to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit.


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