Welcome to Tom Koster & Partners DC Prosperity School


What is DC Prosperity School? The short answer: DC is a 12 month rapid people development & client acquisition program for entrepreneurs and executives. Guiding- and coaching you to make money & increase your income, so you can prosper.

DC has multiple meanings such as: Development Community, Digital Concierge and Development Coach. We have 3 kinds of membership programs with resources. These resources come in the form of personal support and a membership. DC Prosperity School is a fast track 12 month program with small group sessions as well as one on one guidance to optimize the performance of your company, so you can prosper.

You can try out our "DC Welcome membership" program (value €499) for free during 90 days. No strings attached.

Before we start we do a personal online one on one live introduction enrolment session. At that moment you will receive all the details and access to our online curriculum. You can get started within a couple of business hours. A free feedback session is also included. Regular price for this package is €499 and yours for free. No strings attached.