Finally start your own business from home. Coaching program teaches you how to sell and deliver websites, webshops and much more to small business companies. Discover how to make money and increase your income.


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Start your own (part-time) business from home. Sell and build websites, webshops and much more to small business companies.

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Discover how to get more profit, time and freedom in your life so you can have the lifestyle you really want.

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My name is Tom Koster. I'm a "marketing, sales and strategy guy" who has been in and around the technology industry since the year 1988 and in the digital marketing industry since the year 2000. In fact I stil own a technology firm providing technology solutions, digital marketing solutions, social media solutions and web solutions to growing small and midsized businesses (SMBs) and love it.

Have both me, Tom Koster, and one of my fellow coaches as your mentor & business coach. Get your FREE "Technology Business & Great Lifestyle" - Mini Course Now! I am teaching my practical & easy method to make money, so people like you can benefit too in the Digital Concierge Coaching Program. I have a FREE Mini Course, just to see if we are a fit. What if you are able to increase your income via this program? I am Dedicated to increasing your income as a Digital Concierge. Bye for now.

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Build & Grow Your Successful Business. Your income as a Digital Concierge: First make a couple of Hundred Euro's per month and build it to even more and more.


Have the law of success work to your advantage so you can make all the money you want. Watch the video below of just 2 minutes. Tom will show you a first glimpse. At the end of this video you will be invited to leave your contact information for your FREE Mini Course!


Curriculum, Personal Coaching, Group Coaching

Digital Concierge Curriculum


You receive information in the form of a syllabus as well as extensive information via our membership website. These are easy to follow steps you can digest at your own pace.

Digital Concierge Personal Coaching


You receive both 1 on 1 coaching, as well as group coaching. The amount depends on the speed in which you want to grow your business and the level of your membership.

Digital Concierge Group Coaching

You will be supported in developing  Digital Concierge skills to benefit both your own business and the business of your clients. The community is focused on motivating each other to achieve goals. There is a lot of positive support in the community for you.

More information

Of course you have questions. We are here to assist you with that. Joining DigitalConcierge.Academy takes time. You should take time to get all the information you want and need to make a well informed decision.

Your next step is to request your FREE Mini Course and request your free strategy session with one of our coaches.

Technology Business & Great Lifestyle. Discover how to get more profit, time and freedom. Get your FREE Mini Course right now. Build & Grow Your Successful Digital Concierge Business. To get your FREE Mini Course, just leave your contact information via the button below that says: "Yes, get me my FREE Mini Course NOW".

Yes, get me my FREE Mini Course & 30 day trial NOW