Frequently asked questions

Today, we are going to talk about 19 frequently asked questions. Let me (Tom Koster) sum up the questions and answer them for you.

1. The first question: How long have you been doing what you are doing and how did you get to be an expert in digital marketing, IT, social media and web?

I've been having my own business since the year 1994 and I've been working in the IT industry since the late 80's and I'm on the internet since the mid 90's. Since the year 2000, I've been going to the US to study marketing, to study sales and personal development. I've invested literally months of my time and hundreds of thousands of Euros in my own education. I help local business clients to grow their business and I do that with internet marketing, social media and with websites and also with IT services. Also I teach the way I do that to other people, so they can help clients too and make money.
The IT services are very small and the basics for me are at this moment; the internet marketing, social media and websites. The clients come to me to begin, mostly now, with questions, they want to grow their sales, and I help them with it. But that was not the case in the past. When I started my career and I had a job at an office automation firm, I was a bookkeeper out there and I got trained in sales. I got professionally trained in sales by IBM in the early 90's. That got me hooked on the sales process.
Also, I discovered Anthony Robbins and I discovered NLP and I studied that intensively. Through Anthony Robbins, I also got to know Jay Abraham and I was invited to go to a Jay Abraham conference in Los Angeles in January 2000, and there, I saw the big lights, and saw the enormous possibilities of internet marketing.
From the year 2000, I've been going to the US numerous of times to a lot of seminars and I got trained and coached by the best of the best in marketing and sales for small business. And I've been helping, and I am helping my local business clients in the Dutch region where I am, which is called De Achterhoek, with growing their business. I do that with websites, with internet marketing and social media. Now, I've been starting to teach my pattern, my method of working, also to other people. I call it Digital Concierge Academy, also known as Tom Koster & Partners.


2. Who exactly are your clients?

I have two types of clients. I call them end-user clients, that's the one part. And the other part are coaching clients. The end-user clients are brick and mortar businesses. Let me give you an example. They have a restaurant. They have a bakery. They sell used goods and they have a store where they sell used goods. They are plumbers, contractors, physio therapists, every kind of profession in small business belongs to my potential clientele.


3. How are you different from other business coaches?

What separates me from other business coaches is the fact that I specialize in working with professionals (and want to be professionals) in four categories. One is the digital marketing, two is IT, three is social media and four is web.

Most of my coaching clients do this business, next to either their day-job, or their other business. They help their clients with internet marketing, with social media and/or they build websites. They build web shops and they help their clients with that and/or they are an IT company and they help their clients with their office automation, which is computers, tablets, laptops, printers, networks, VPN connections, just to name a few.
Also, I teach my coaching clients how to find and coach other people who also want to make part time money in this Digital Concierge business.


4. What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?

The personality type that I'm looking for in this coaching program are people who are ambitious and open-minded. People who are willing to learn, and who are what I call teachable. What is expected of the members who join, is that they invest time and some money in their own education. They invest time in learning what we have created in our DigitalConcierge.Academy curriculum. There is a very extensive membership website included in this program. This website has a lot of modules about sales, about marketing, about infrastructure, which you can study at your own pace.
What's expected of you is that you work on your business, you work in your business and you talk to people.
In working in your business, after a short time, you should be able to make money. You do that by your focus on having billable hours. Working on your business means that you work on increasing your skills in finding new clients, in learning the craft of Digital Concierge. And talk to people means that you talk to new people, to new potential clients. But not only the new ones, also it's important to maintain contact with your current clients.


5. What type of professional is this program not going to work for?

This is not going to work for people who are already satisfied with the business results that he or she has. I know a lot of very high-level technical people who work by themselves. They have a clientele that comes to them and it's fine for them. They do not have the want and the need to grow their business. If you do not have a want or a need to start (or grow) your business, then this program is not for you. This program is for you if you want to start (or grow) your business. If you want to make extra money per month, then this program might be something for you.


6. What exactly is the DigitalConcierge.Academy program
and what does it include?

The program is a step-by-step way in helping you find clients, work with these clients and make part-time money. You get a curriculum. Also, you get coaching and also you get community.

You get bi-weekly short audio group coaching from me, based on the content of our curriculum as well as topics that are top of mind in our world at the moment. Also, you get one on one coaching from your coach for at least 30 minutes every 30 days. The one on one coaching is something you agree on with your coach in both time and money. This depends on what your wants and needs are, and how fast you want to grow. We also offer a peak performers program for an extra fee. This is for people who want to grow fast and want live group coaching.


7. Does this really work?

The short answer is yes. The reason why I say yes so fast is because what I teach are exactly the steps that I've been using to build and grow my business for more than 25 years. That can also work for you. And it doesn't matter if you've had a bad experience with your business or that your business is doing great and you want to grow it even more. The basic thing is that if you have a need or a want to grow your business, and if you are willing to put in the work and if you are willing to communicate with your coach, then this can really work. Now, this will not work if you just put your heels in the sand and say, "Everything should come to me." There is a very important part for you to do the work, to put in the work. It doesn't come by itself.
But the steps that I've developed and the people I have trained so far, show me that not only I can do it but I can also teach it to other people and maybe I can teach you too if you are open to it. Later on, in the questionnaire, you will also notice that I have a possibility for you to try us out for free.


8. What results can I expect?

Well, the results highly depend on a couple of things. The number one is the experience you already have; how fast do you want to grow and how much action do you put in? Now, in teaching this program, I have a three-part sequence. The first part is the inner game. The second is the outer game and the third is action. The inner game is all about mindset. The outer game is all about strategy, having the correct patterns. Action means that if you take enough action, then you produce results and we can help you as a coach on the results you want to have. The results you want to produce, and we can help you along the way in producing these results. It depends on, again, how fast you want to go and how much experience you have.


9. Can I contact one of your current clients to see what it's like to work with you?

Yes you can and if you want to contact one of my current clients, you can shoot me an email at What we do is we set up a phone call, you and me together, to see who you are and what you do and I'll provide you a name of one of my current clients, if the phone conversation goes like we both want it to go.


10. How quickly can I expect results?

The speed of your results depends highly on the level of action you take. That's the action part but there is also the strategy part as well as your own mindset. If your mindset is right and you should have a feeling that you add more value than you ask money for in exchange. You know that your strategy is all right if you approach the right people with the right offer and if you take enough action so enough people say yes to your offer. Then you can expect results to come faster to you. Your results are not only based on the number of clients that you get, but also the numeric value of a client, so the net profit of a client. I'm not here to look at your numbers. I'm here to teach you about sales, about marketing, about infrastructure, about mindset. The results that you get are your responsibility. You should know that too, but I can show you the way. I can assist you in getting these results.


11. How can I guarantee myself that I will get clients?

Now, the guarantee is that when you follow the pattern that we have laid out for you in this program; you know how to sell. You know how to do marketing. You know how to go out and generate leads, make appointments, make presentations and that all depends on the level of action that you take, and it depends on what you say and to whom you say it. You will get assistance in getting clients from both your 1 on 1 coach, as well as via our general group coaching.


12. Will I recover the investment I put into this program?

Well, the investment to start is very low. You can start with a 30 day free trail and at any time you can step up to either the first 90 days for a small fee, or you can step up to our Peak Performers program for a higher fee and more coaching and community. "When will I recover the investment?" That's the question? And the answer is, when you do the right things, you can recover it very, very fast.


13. How will we work together and what does the DigitalConcierge.Academy program expect of me?

We work together in two ways. Number one is you become a part of our community and you can join the group sessions that we have. Second one is that you work one on one with your coach. Your coach is also a member of our program and is also being coached by another member in our program. We expect you to let us know what your goals are so we can best help you to achieve your goals. Of course we also expect you to take massive action in the limited time you have available to work in this program for your own business.


14. How long is the program?

This is a 12-month program to start with. It can be extended per month after the first 12 months are over. Once you've made your investment, you can stay as long as you like, if you maintain general ethics standards and take care of the financial obligations. However, we have the possibility to remove people who are not living up to ethics standards. But if you are complying to the ethics and if you are not trouble for us and for the rest of our community, then you can stay. You can join our group sessions and you can join our membership site. I teach you infrastructure, marketing and sales.


15. What's the investment in this program?

The investment is very low and you can start with a 30 day free trail. Information about pricing is available via our website at:
More important than the price is your willingness to invest time and energy in this program and in your own business. This is not only an investment for you, but also for us. We also invest in your success by providing a 30 day free trail. We want our members to succeed.


16. Do you offer any discounts and accept credit cards?

If you pay lump sum, if you pay your 12 months up front, then we offer a very nice discount. If you prefer to pay in 12-monthly installments, that's also possible, and do we accept credit cards? The answer is yes, we do accept credit cards. Also we accept payment via bank-transfer.


17. If I'm not sure I'm ready to get started, how can I sample your work to see if it's right for me?

You can get started in the following way. Contact the person who pointed you to this web page for more information. This person can also assist you to get started with your free 30-day starter package. You may also request your free starter package now and in the request form, you fill in the name of the person who pointed you to this web page. This is the url: Please keep in mind that it is only possible to request your free starter package once we know who pointed you to this web page. That person should be an active member in our program. The reason is the fact the we only work on a member-get-member basis.


18. I have a family and busy life. Although I want extra money per month and start this program, I don't have much time to spare. How much time do I need?

The time you need all depends on the goals you have, how fast you want to grow your business. If you have a family and a busy life and you want to make some extra money, that's fine, but you need to put in the work. You need to take action, and you also need to take the right action at the right time. There's no need to hurry. You can start very slowly, see if you understand all the information that we have in the curriculum. Get help from your coach and move from there.


19. Okay, I'm ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple of additional questions, can I call you?

The person who pointed you to this program is the first person you can talk to. The reason is the fact that we only work on a member-get-member basis.

Our head office is located in The Netherlands:

European Marketing And Sales Systems B.V.
Berkenlaan 98
7064 HT Silvolde
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)315 76 90 13 (Voicemail)

Chamber of Commerce: 63535580
VAT number: NL855279229B01

This will conclude our frequently asked question section.

Thank you for your attention.

Dedicated to increasing your income.

Bye for now.



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