90-Day Challenge

Once you join the program, you take part in the
90-Day Challenge.

Your coach will assist you in reaching the goals you set in your 12 month plan, starting with your first 90 days.

You receive group coaching via your general membership. Please take a look at our calendar for all the group-training possibilities via: https://tomkoster.mykajabi.com/pages/calendar

We encourage you to get to the DC master level within the first 90 days and produce great results. Once you reached the master level, you are a certified digital concierge.

Over the next 90 days, let both your coach and us, from the Dutch head office, help you to build and grow your DC business. Soon (within 15 days) after your first 90 days are over, you and your coach sent us your results.

We all have the same goals, which is to create revenue and get new clients by doing work in the field of digital marketing, IT, social media and web as a certified digital concierge. 
Through the information in our curriculum as well as via our general coaching, you learn the following regarding sales:

  • How to develop the mindset of a sales champion.
  • How to deliver a killer sales presentation.
  • How to build rapport with anyone.
  • What makes prospects buy now.
  • How to close like a sales champion.
  • How to handle any objection with confidence and ease.
  • How to become a follow-up master.
  • How to generate unending referrals.
  • How to generate quality leads in your target market.
  • How to set as many appointments as you want.
  • How to reprogram your subconscious mind for success.
  • How to explode your sales results by doing speeches.
  • How to use goal setting to increase your sales.
  • And much, much more.

Every 90 days three of the new DC's will be declared as winners, based on the results that have been sent in. This winners will be announced 4 times a year (February, May, August and November).

The first prize is 500 DCA Bucks (DigitalConcierge.Academy Bucks (this is our equivalent of 500 Euro's, but only spendable with DigitalConcierge.Academy services). Second prize gets 300 DCA Bucks and the third prize 200 DCA Bucks.

Once you have reached the master level, then you can proceed to one of our other groups, like VIP, Platinum and Titanium.


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