DigitalConcierge.Academy Workspace Calandar



As you can see from the image above, we have a project overview of the available training in our program. However this is mostly members only information. Via the next link you can see the whole calendar for the coming months:

This is for both group-presentations as well as group-meetings.

Via e-mail our members get information for the upcoming presentations and meetings. These include the virtual meeting details as well as details for the live meetings (when possible with regard to restrictions based on the covid-19 virus).


Member can join the group meeting sessions that are included in their membership. Via the following calendar member can register for a meeting. Please note that attendance need to be confirmed by e-mail before access to the meeting is granted.

Members can also schedule a one on one session with Tom Koster based on their membership. The following calendar applies to that. 


Calendar in PDF format with link to Google Calendar and iCal. More info can be viewed via: