Here you can find information about pricing.

Coaching is for a period of 12 months and includes the right to use the branding of Digital Concierge, Bill & Larry's Group, OnlineSiteShop and Regional Social for 1 region of about 20.000 people.

The price for the region is € 39,- a month excluding Dutch VAT.

However this is only possible with a 12 month coaching package, custom made for you. This coaching includes personal one on one coaching of a minimum of 3 sessions of 2 hours.

The hourly rate for Tom Koster as your coach is € 332,- excluding Dutch VAT. Instead of coaching with Tom, you are able to coach with another certified Digital Concierge coach, where other rates are applicable and payment will be made to that other coach directly.

Including in the 12 month package is also access to the paper syllabus curriculum, our own additional website access, as well as the American online sales community hosted by our business partner Eric Lofholm.

You see, we are here to assist you in making sales and build an income as a certified digital concierge. You will be assisted via 3 sources:

1: Curriculum
2: Coaching
3: Community

To see if we are a fit you can request a free starter package via this link:

About every 3 to 4 weeks we have “Live behind closed doors” sessions. One in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The live behind closed doors session in the morning is an introduction for new fellows. This live behind closed doors morning session is € 497,- excluding Dutch VAT. This includes the paper syllabus and additional website access on After the morning-introduction we all have lunch together, which is included in the price.

The live behind closed doors session in the afternoon is € 149,- excluding Dutch VAT. This afternoon session is about working on your business and hanging out with fellow Digital Concierges. At the end of this afternoon session we all have dinner together (drinks after the meetings and after dinner are not included). Dinner is included in the price.


VIP (Masters only)

Only Masters Digital Concierges have the ability to apply to be a VIP fellow. Tom Koster wil host the VIP fellow mastermind meeting (3 two day live meetings per year, as well as 1 hour of personal one on one coaching per month).

VIP is for those DC's (Digital Concierges) who want to have even more access to information and networking with other ambitious fellows. During VIP we go even deeper in working on our business. 

VIP is a program of 12 months with a 2-day session, 3 times a year, and one hour per month with Tom Koster. These mastermind meetings and 12 month program are € 897,- per month excluding Dutch VAT. These mastermind meetings also include lunch and dinner (drinks after the meetings and after dinner are not included).


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