Don't spend all your marketing money on radio advertising.

free coaching Feb 19, 2018

Hey, it's Tom, and welcome to this video. In my teachings, I teach a five-step process to grow your business, called The Pattern. The first step is infrastructure, second step is marketing, the third step is sales, the fourth step is evaluation, and the fifth step is optimization. In the second step, marketing, that's what I want to talk about with you today.

Two weeks ago, I was in San Francisco for a sales seminar, and there I met a very nice lady and during lunch, we started talking, and it appears that she has a wellness center. She had two wellness centers, and she was not satisfied with the results with her sales and with her marketing. In talking to her, I asked her a question, "Okay, can you tell me how do you spend your marketing dollars at this moment?" And she told me that she only advertised on radio, so I asked her, "Do you use Facebook?" "Yes, I use Facebook." "Do you use Facebook Advertising?" "No, not at this moment," she told me.

I started talking with her and...

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No https website = no safe website

free coaching Feb 14, 2018

Hey, it's Tom. Today we are going to talk about infrastructure, and basically your websites. More specifically, HTTPS.

I recently read that Google Chrome browser is about to make some changes in the way they display non-HTTPS websites. An HTTPS website is a so called secure website. People with HTTPS websites have invested in an SSL certificate. That's very important, because that gives certainty that the website is safe for people who visit the website.

Now, not all websites have HTTPS, and maybe that's the case for your website too. My advice is that you check your website in order to see if you already have an HTTPS certificate, and if not, then I advise you to go to your internet person, to your web guy or girl and talk about HTTPS to be added to your website.

It's not only for you and for your visitors, but also for Google. Within a few months Google Chrome is about to tell the visitors that non-HTTPS websites are not secure anymore.

If you only have HTTP and you do not have...

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From Googleplex in Mountain View USA

free coaching Feb 09, 2018

Welcome to this video. I'm Tom Koster, and at this moment, I am in the Google store in Mountain View and just found some nice merchandise here, a coffee mug and a bag, easy bag, $5 and $13 for the mug.

Why do I tell you this? It's because these things have emotional value to me. I've been in the IT business since 1988, since the late '80s. I've been doing internet marketing since the late '90s, and Google has always been very important to me.

I first heard about Google in January of the year 2000 at a Jay Abraham seminar in Los Angeles, California. And since then, I've been using it. I've been following it, and I've been using it for my business and also for my clients' business.

Now, being in this very nice environment here and in this Android store here, Google merchandise store, to me it's important. And just to keep the good feeling, I have decided to bring along these things to my home.

So every time I use the mug or I use the bag, I think about a time that I was here at...

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From Apple Park Visitor Center in Cupertino USA

free coaching Jan 31, 2018

Welcome to this video. At this moment, I am in Cupertino and I'm here at the Apple Visitor Center, and we're on the rooftop together with Leon. That's Leon. Hi. On my previous podcast, I asked the question, "What will be the weather like in San Francisco?" and the weather is quite nice. Today it's 20 degrees Celsius and it's quite a nice temperature here for the end of January. I'm here in San Francisco, Cupertino, so we can visit a seminar in San Francisco later on this week. It'll be on Saturday and Sunday, and Eric Lofholm will be presenting at the seminar and it's all about sales.

We just went down one floor. Below here is a big shop, an Apple store with all the Apple products that they sell. We just talked to one of the representatives here, a very excited young man. Apple products are great, but they also need to be sold, and Apple products do not sell themselves. They also have to be sold, and they are sold by young, ambitious, excited people like the guy we just talked...

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What would the weather be in San Francisco?

free coaching Jan 24, 2018

Welcome to this episode. I'm Tom Koster. Today I'm wondering what the weather will be in San Francisco. The reason is that I'm going to San Francisco next week. My son, Leon, my oldest son, is coming with me and it's his first time to the USA. For me, it's the 20th, 30th time, whatever. I've been going to the US since January 2000, so for more than 18 years now. He's going to join me now. He's 20 years old.

When I first went, he was just two years old and I can remember very well how that was. For me, also, as a dad, going all the way to the United States was not easy, leaving a small kid behind, but I knew I had to do it in order to grow my business and to provide for my family.

I remember quite well that the seminar that I went to in January 2000 took place in Los Angeles and it was an internet seminar by Jay Abraham and there I saw the light, I saw the big possibilities that internet marketing would bring. It was obvious for me that the people who were on stage sharing their...

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Your American Dream

free coaching Jan 16, 2018

 Welcome to this episode. Today we are going to talk about the American Dream and, more specific, the teachings of Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam is basically the United States. With teachings, I mean the things that I've learned from my mentors and my teachers from the United States. As you may know by now, I'm not U.S. I'm from the Netherlands. I live in the east part of the Netherlands.

I started my business in 1994. I was still working for a boss by then. Within a year later, they fired me. I was on my own and I had to make ends meet and basically had to sell my services. That's what I've been doing, selling my services. The services that I'm selling and the way that I'm selling was taught to me by people from the U.S. and it's part of my mission to also help people from the Netherlands, from Belgium, other European people, and also our other North American people to also make sales.

It's also my mission to help people like you, people who are listening to this podcast or reading...

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The Black Sheep of the Family

free coaching Jan 11, 2018

Good morning. This is Tom Koster, and I want to welcome all of you to this information session to these podcasts. This is the first podcast that I'm recording in my car. The title of this podcast is The Black Sheep of the Family.

The beep you just heard was the brake on my Mercedes E-Class. It's not to brag, but this is my third Mercedes E-Class. I feel I'm the black sheep of the family. No one else in my family has a Mercedes. Also, no one in my family went bankrupt with their business or privately. I didn't bankrupt privately, but my business went bankrupt in 2009. That's also part of being the black sheep. Also, being part of the black sheep of the family is the fact that no one else in my family spent that much time, effort and money in personal development.

Since 1992, I've spent a lot of money in personal development and traveling and building my knowledge, and going to the US mainly since the year 2000. Go to Tony Robbins events. The first one in 1993, and the last one in...

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Happy 2018

free coaching Jan 03, 2018

Welcome to this episode. I'm Tom Koster, and this is the first podcast of the year 2018. I want to start with wishing you a Happy New Year. A new year gives new opportunities, new chances to grow your business, to take your business to the next level, but I want to take a moment to look back at last year, at 2017, and I want to share with you a little bit about how my business went in 2017, and maybe you can benefit from that information, and you can pick it up and see what you can do with your business in 2018.

One thing I did start in 2017 was to start a podcast, and this is, episode number 43 of the podcast. I started the podcast in February, late February 2017, and since then, I've pretty much had a podcast every week. The reason why I did that was to share my information, is to share content which I think is valuable in helping you grow your business, in helping you taking your business to the next level, and in helping you increasing your income.

In building the business,...

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Time is running out

free coaching Dec 31, 2017


Welcome to this episode. I’m Tom Koster and today we’re going to talk about results and basically results take as long as they take. What do I mean with that? In my coaching practice, I meat a lot of young ambitious people and these young ambitious people have very big goals. But the reality is that often times that time gets in the way. Meaning, it takes longer to achieve the goals that they set for themselves and for their business than they thought it would take. And the challenge with that is the fact that the cost of living, the cost of doing business is not slowing down.

It means that, if I look at my business, if I don’t make enough money this week, this month, this year, it’s very hard to make profit because my costs are fixed. Basically, I know what my costs are from the last year, and also for the new year. But if I do not make enough money, it’s very challenging to pay the cost that I have. So I’m very eager to help clients with...

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Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

Uncategorized Dec 23, 2017

I hope 2017 was a successful year for you personally, as well as for your business.

Dedicated to increasing your income.

Bye for now.

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