Let's be honest for a moment

Uncategorized Dec 05, 2017

Welcome to this episode. I’m Tom Koster and let’s be honest for a moment in this podcast. We are going to talk about social media and let’s be honest about social media, and let’s take a look at your business, and let’s ask yourself, “Is social media really making money for your business? Or, is it just a waste of time? And are you losing time in communicating with the wrong people?”

There’s a lot of going on at this moment in communicating through social media. Through LinkedIn, through Instagram, through SnapChat, through Facebook, of course, and more and more social media platforms may come up in the future, as well. But if you take a honest look at your business, and you take a look at how many hours you spend in a day or in a week on social media, and you ask yourself, “If it will bring you the money that you expected to be?” What would be your answer? And if you dare to take a look, to take an honest look at your...

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YCDBSOYA - You Can't Do Business Sitting On Your Ass

Uncategorized Nov 30, 2017

Welcome to this episode. I'm Tom Koster and today we're going to talk about the letters Y, C, D, B, S, O, Y, A. What do these letters mean? I'll explain to you a little bit later, but it's all about doing business, and I have this triangle of doing business which says work in your business, work on your business and talk to people. The challenge for us entrepreneurs in digital marketing in IT and in web is we spend a lot of time behind a screen. Basically, it's a screen from your mobile device or your tablet, your PC or your laptop, and once we are back behind the screen and doing our work, the temptation is to look to social media, to respond to emails and before you know it, the day is gone or half the day is gone. We make money from our billable hours. And when we critically look at how we spend our time, then we may find out that we do not spend enough time doing things which are billable. The letters that I just mentioned when we started this information session, they mean you...

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If you don't ask, you don't get.

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2017


Welcome to this episode. Today's episode is all about asking. If you don't ask you don't get. Meaning, if you don't ask for business you will probably get no business, or very little business. If you start asking for business, then the probably that you'll get business is getting much more higher.

In reality it means ask people who they know who you can help with your service. In our case, our service is digital marketing, our service is IT and our service is web. In growing your business you need the same clients who come back to you over and over again, and/or you need new clients. If you don't ask for these clients they will not come to you all by themselves.

Who do you ask to be a client? Who do you ask for business? Well, you can start by asking your current clients to give you more business. They will not give you just business by you asking for it, but you have to asking in such a way that your clients will see added value in you helping them with growing their...

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Prepare your business for GDPR

Uncategorized Nov 21, 2017

Welcome to this episode. I'm Tom Koster, and today we're going to talk about an important topic, which is email and the new law. The GDPR law, which is about to take effect in May 2018, and which will affect all companies with mailing lists who are doing business Europe. As you maybe can hear, I'm a little bit talking through my nose. I've got a cold and I'm recovering from a little bit of illness. I'm fine, so no problem, but that's the reason why I sound maybe a little bit different than I usually do.

The GDPR law is a law, European law, which prohibits it that marketers send commercial email, marketing email, sales emails to people who have not requested it, and not only that. You can not send email to people who have not requested it based on the compliance of the GDPR law and the compliance needs to be send in via a specific web form. So people have to, so called double opt in, and they have to mark a specific point on the opt in form that they request marketing email, and it...

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Opportunity might be just behind the next door

Uncategorized Nov 17, 2017

Welcome to this episode. I'm Tom Koster and this is the Create Revenue Now Podcast. In this episode, we are going to talk about opportunity, and opportunity might just be around the next corner. Why this topic? This morning, I was talking to a prospective client. It turns out to be a prospective client although I didn't know that when we started the conversation. The fact is that I'm a volunteer at our local sports club, and I'm in one of the commissions who's doing the sponsoring.

I was talking with one company who is sponsoring a youth team. The person I'm talking to is a mother of one of the players. It also turns out that she's in the board of the company who's doing the sponsoring. In talking about business, I asked her how business was, and she asked me the question, "Tom what do you do?" That was an opportunity for me to share what I do and why I do it. We end up talking a little bit, and I was able to ask her a couple of questions about her business. I think I may be able,...

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The lies about a high quality website

Uncategorized Nov 06, 2017

Welcome to this episode, and today we are going to talk about the lies about a high quality website. The reason why I want to talk to you about that is the fact that I’ve been working in the internet industry, in the website business for quite a while. I started my business in 1994. Since 1996, I’m online. Since 1999, I’m selling websites.

I’ve seen a lot of competitors, colleague, companies coming up and going down. One of these colleague competitor companies was in my direct neighborhood. They sold expensive, very high quality websites. One of the business owner was a sales guy and the other one was a technical person. The sales guy left the company a couple years back and started his own company, and the technical guy remained in business.

Two lessons for you today. Number one is if you want to sustain a long term business with selling websites, internet marketing social media, you need to do the technical work for your clients. That’s number one....

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The misconception of business success

Uncategorized Nov 02, 2017

Welcome to today’s episode, and, today, we are going to talk about the misconception of business success. 

I just finished keeping my books. That’s what I do for my business myself. I keep my own books, and the reason why I do that is that I want to know what’s going on in my company. In my business, I have a very small team of people and, basically, I do most of the things myself. I sell my hours for Euros, as you may know in listening to these Podcasts and reading my blogs about this, but I also do my own books. I want to know what’s coming in my business and I want to know what’s going out of my business.

Although I make my own invoices, I make my own proposals and I pay my own bills, my business bills, and my wife pays our private bills and, still, I need to do my own books and see during my bookkeeping time what’s coming in the business and what’s going out of the business.

A few years back, I didn’t do that. My wife did all...

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Who am I and why should you pay attention to me

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2017


Thank you for stopping by and read this information about successful sales and marketing strategies for you and your business. You are going to love the information you will receive.

Allow me to share with you a little bit about myself. Let me state clearly that it is not about me, but about adding value to you and your business. But it is not unwise that you know a couple of things about me first. So let's get started.

Above this copy, you can click on the video and get the information from me in person.

Before I move on, I would like you to know that you can also watch this video (and other business video's) on my website. This is via the so called "Welcome section" of this site. The access to the welcome section is free.

Now let's move on with the information.

For than 17 years I've been figuring out sales and marketing strategies for an incredibly diverse list of businesses, products and services including restaurant, technical services, second hand store,...

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announcements Oct 23, 2017

Welcome to the new location of my blog.

You can read past issues via my website on: https://www.createrevenuenow.com/news/ 

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