4-Hour Solution

In about 4 hours time you will know if Digital Concierge Academy can be something for you. Also together with your coach you create your personal 12 month plan.

We have the following four steps in the proces:

1: Someone pointed you to this information and will assist you from now. This is someone who is already in our program. This person will guide you as your coach.
2: You will be asked to answer some questions so you and your coach get to know each other some more.
3: You join a live 4-hour solution session via one of our scheduled live virtual sessions. This session is about you making money as a Digital Concierge.
4: Together with your coach you develop your personal 12-month plan.

This whole process can be done in about 4 hours total time, during multiple days in 30 to 120 minute segments.

Once you join the program, your coach will assist you in reaching the goals you set in your personal 12-month plan.

Once you join you take part in the 90 Day Challenge. Every 90 Days we give away 1000 Digital Concierge Bucks.