I understand you and your challenges

Maybe you can relate to this: You feel that almost no one understand you?

You are a professional in Digital Marketing, social media, IT and or web. You own a company, you have some clients but your company is not growing.

You are very good at what you do, but your clients don't see the value you add. Worse, your family and friends don't see it either. They think you are a propeller-head. Always trying new things and never produces good enough results in their view.

You make money in your business, but not on a steady basis. One month you have a lot of money coming in, and the other months you don't even know how you can pay your bills.

You feel lonely and are stuck. You know you add value if only your clients, family and friends would see it.

If this sound familiar to you then maybe I can help you. 

Hi, I am Tom Koster and I do understand you. I am one of you and I had the same thing happen to me. I found a way out and want to share it with you. This website may be of help to you. I may be of help to you if you let me.

You see, this is about my mission of helping people like you. Transferring my skills to people like you so you can help your local business owners with their websites, internet marketing, social media and IT services.

That is what I do, that is my profession and my clients pay me good money for my services. With that money I was able, and I am able to invest in my own education by visiting seminars and training in the USA and get coaching by the best of the best in the field of sales and marketing. 

Now I am here to help people like you in Europa in building their business in Digital Marketing, Social Media, Web & IT.

One more thing. 

Allow me to share a few statements with you. These are statements about purpose, vision, values, and mission.

Purpose statement:
Coach pro's in digital marketing, social media, IT and web to grow their income by connecting their company to their customers, through friendly, reliable, and high-value business building services for sales, marketing and mindset.

Vision statement:
To make good pro's in digital marketing, social media, IT and web better pro's.

Values statement:
Live the DigitalConcierge.Academy Way: Warrior spirit, servant’s heart, happy-attitude, high ethics.
Work the DigitalConcierge.Academy Way: Safety and reliability, friendly and fast customer service, high value.

Misson statement:
The mission of DigitalConcierge.Academy is a dedication to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit.


One more thing, I invite you to schedule a phone appointment so we can talk how we may help you and your business. You will be glad you did.


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